CSS2 Test Suite: Selectors draft

Hello all,

   Well, we're finally underway with the CSS2 Test Suite.  The first
"module" is now available for comment:


Please make note of the very obvious warning paragraph at the top of that
page, and take it to heart.  Then feel free to roam through the tests and
comment on them by posting to this list.  I'm especially interested in
catching any errors, of course, but this is also an excellent time to make
suggestions, general comments, propose additional tests, and so on.
   I intend to move forward by taking the specification a "module" at a
time, where "module" is currently defined as a chapter of the CSS2
specification.  (The modularization of CSS3 may or may not have an impact
on this definition.)  I don't have a firm schedule, but I hope to release a
new module roughly every fifteen business days.

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Received on Monday, 22 November 1999 10:43:04 UTC