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>> /*  url (,,
>>  */

>Hmmm. Written like that, this is version identifyer, not a level

This was just a suggestion, which is why I wrote:
Something like (as the first entry in an external CSS file...
^^^^^^^^ ^^^
>And CSS has no version numbers, only levels. THis not only
>a pseudo-semantic difference... See CSS2 spec for more details.

But the only information a lint would expect from the CSS author is
which level of CSS to check against, surely?

>Whatever, you'll do, this is too late for existin CSS level 1 browsers.

The suggestion has nothing to do with browsers (which is why it was
enclosed in a CSS comment); it is only meant to provide information to a
CSS lint about the level of CSS which the author wishes to check.

In much the same way that UA 'suggestions' are found in both CSS
recommendations, I was hopeful that a similar suggestion could be made
to benefit authors who wish to  lint/check (okay, 'validate' if you
must) their CSS. There is ample confusion extant in the CSS authoring
community *without*  obfuscating error messages. We should not become
inured to rendering via UA error recovery.

Sue Sims

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