Re: CSS3 suggestion

> The suggestion:
> Consider  allowing specification of the level of CSS *in* the external
> CSS file, so that CSS lints could operate in much the same manner as
> HTML validators which use the <!DOCTYPE...> to determine the HTML level
> against which to validate. That would remove the onus of deciphering
> error messages from the document author. Something like (as the first
> entry in an external CSS file):
> /*  url (  */
> Then, it would just be a matter of convincing the lint authors to
> recognize the reference, and structure their errors/warnings
> accordingly. 
> There might also be an author who wished to be made aware of *all*
> potential errors/warnings, so...
> /*  url (,,
>  */

Hmmm. Written like that, this is version identifyer, not a level
identifyer. And CSS has no version numbers, only levels. THis not only
a pseudo-semantic difference... See CSS2 spec for more details.

Whatever, you'll do, this is too late for existin CSS level 1 browsers.


Received on Sunday, 9 May 1999 23:18:39 UTC