Re: linking to style sheets

>>>>> "GS" == Gussey, Suzanne <> writes:

 GS> I am trying to link to a basic style sheet that sits in a common
 GS> area from numerous web pages in different directories.

Yes, I do that all the time.

 GS> This works in IE but in Netscape if the .css file is not in the
 GS> same directory I get an error the first time on accessing a
 GS> page. This says that it needs a plugin (x-pointplus) which is a
 GS> java viewer for Powerpoint documents!. If you do cancel the file
 GS> comes through but without the formatting from the style sheet. If
 GS> you reload the page then it is fine.

If Netscape needs a powerpoint viewer, then maybe your documents (or
part of them) is powerpoint? If your documents are really HTML
(i.e. if a validator [1] says they are Ok) and your stylesheets are
really stylesheets (same for them [2]), then you should be able to
link them together like this (taken from the  <head> of a valid HTML

  <link rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" href="/style/raditex.css">

// Rasmus Kaj


PS. Since you mention powerpoint, you are way of-topic for this list,
but since I havent seen much traffic here recently I answer anyway ...

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