RE: Inserting text with CSS

Yes, actually Microsoft (and any other company implementing a spec as large
as CSS2) does.

Unless I missed something, there is still no complete (and when I say
complete, I mean everything - aural, font synthesis, you name it)
implementation of CSS2.  We need customer demand to help us prioritize.

Although Microsoft participated in the development of CSS2, I would hope
you're not trying to say we need to take responsibility for everything
that's in there.  I recall strenuously objecting to a few things.

-Chris Wilson

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Tantek Celik wrote:

> How important are :before and :after support to those on this list?  Is it
> few isolated cases of interest or is there a broader desire for daily use?

Tantek, I can't believe that question !!!! Does MS *really* need such a user
input to implement a part of the spec MS participated in ?-(

These pseudos and the 'content' property and counters are *extremely*
important. Please understand that I have my big-MS-customer hat on,
not my css-wg-member's. Electricité de France *needs* inserted content
and counters to webify its existing SGML applications. We need that
for automatic numbering of non-adjacent elements. We need that for
automatic visual annotation of technical documents w/o modifying the
document itself. 


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