Re: Inserting text with CSS

Chris Wilson wrote:

> Yes, actually Microsoft (and any other company implementing
a spec as large
> as CSS2) does....  We need customer demand to help us

Ah, is that why filters were implemented before margins were
fully supported? I assume, then, that most of the demand comes
from adolescents engaged in self-expression, because I'm quite
sure that large-scale website builders would benefit far more
from full implementation of the bare essentials needed for
accurate layout in a dynamic medium (no, that's not an
oxymoron, but if you don't understand the value of centering
through 'auto' left and right margins I can see how you might
think so).

When it comes to website creation and maintenance, Microsoft
and Netscape pay for the shortcomings of their own products. I
find it strange that management can't see bottom-line benefits
from a good CSS implementation.

David Perrell

P.S.: I really like the filters in principle. But my first
attempt at their use was with MS's own a:hover pseudo-class.
"Sorry," says Microsoft, "no can do. Must use IE-specific
scripting." What a crock.

Received on Friday, 27 August 1999 22:25:07 UTC