Inserting text with CSS

Hi all,

is there any way using CSS of inserting text?  This would be useful
for consistent labelling.

What I am trying to do is give my web pages a common look by having
the heading preceded by the issue name.  It is currently done by
having an image which is changed every time the issue changes, but
that excludes the Lynx folks and those with images disabled.  I could
do it with SSI, but again, that feels kludgy.

Ideally I would like to be able to write

<h1 class="pagehead">Some Stuff</h1>

and have it render as

Dancing Forth Aug-Sep 1999: Some Stuff

Then when the issue changes, I just change the stylesheet and all
pages update.

If this is not currently supported, I could envisage something like

    prefix: "Dancing Forth Aug-Sep 1999: ";
    [other styles]

and I would expect the text to render according to the style it
prefixes.  I'm not sure whether arbitrary markup should be allowed,
due to the possibility of cycles (maybe expansion could be allowed
until a cycle occurs, or maybe that's just opening up too many cans
of worms).  However, it would be nice to have at least <br>, <hr>
and <img>.

Of course, I could see the use for suffix as well, though I don't
need it myself.

Is this currently available?  If so, what's the syntax?  If not, is
it worth considering for inclusion in a future version of CSS?


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