Re: Inserting text with CSS

Chris Wilson wrote:
> Yes, actually Microsoft (and any other company implementing a spec as large
> as CSS2) does.

OK, well, it seems you got it for this feature at least.

> Unless I missed something, there is still no complete (and when I say
> complete, I mean everything - aural, font synthesis, you name it)
> implementation of CSS2.

Bearing in mind that the conformance criteria mean that, unless an
application controls a speech synth, it does not need to do ACSS; unles
it prints, it does not need to do the print media, and so on. But when
there is a fully CSS2-conformant implementation, I am sure the good
folks on this list will ensure that you don't miss it.

>  We need customer demand to help us prioritize.

Yes, of course. I'm sure this mailing list is happy to demonstrate
customer demand for CSS2, as opposed to some other things. Or do you
mean large, corporate customers?

> Although Microsoft participated in the development of CSS2, I would hope
> you're not trying to say we need to take responsibility for everything
> that's in there.  I recall strenuously objecting to a few things.

Thats the joy of cross-vendor spec development. Everyone has some things
there that they don't like. I have a few myself. But the idea is to
create a spec in the WG and then everyone goes implement it.

>> These pseudos and the 'content' property and counters are *extremely*
>> important. Please understand that I have my big-MS-customer hat on,
>> not my css-wg-member's. Electricité de France *needs* inserted content
>> and counters to webify its existing SGML applications. 

Right. Well, thats one large, corporate customer. How many seats, as an
order of magnitude, Daniel?

I gave an example of using the content property, earlier today on this
list. I also provided a screenshot of Mozilla M8 displaying it. I can
provide a screenshot of IE5/Win displaying it, too; but it does not do
the :before and :after. It does make all the things declared as block be
block, though, which Mozilla did not do. 

Perhaps the Mozilla build has special, hard-coded knowledge of the
cargo_remitente element, which over-rides CSS ;-)

I didn't try it on IE/Mac yet. I tried it in Opera 3.6b2/BeOS, but that
doesn't understand either XML or the CSS2 content property. I look
forward to a version that does.

Hakon, the Opera build that does XML, which you have publically
demonstrated an early version of; how does it do with this example?


Received on Friday, 27 August 1999 20:41:29 UTC