At 23.48 +0100 98-03-10, Victoria Rosenfeld wrote:
>On Tue, 10 Mar 1998, Braden N. McDaniel wrote:
>> I think it would be great to have REs available for style sheet authoring,
>> but they must not be required for using CSS. I'd suggest that anything that
>> can be expressed in a RE in CSS should be able to be expressed in other
>> means, even if they are much more verbose.
>Point taken. And agreed with. And if REs must not be required, they why
>put them in the specs? What does including them add?

It adds the possibility to use them if you're trying to do something
special and  uncommon, and find the effect worth the trouble.

You can always add a classname to precisely those elements you want to
select, but if you know how to write an RE that selects those elements for
you, you may save a lot of HTML-editing.

If Braden asks for a special syntax in CSS for everything you kan do with
regular expressions, then I think you may be asking too much, but if you
are satisfied with the possibility to find the elements manually, and add
classnames to them, then you have your other means.

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