Re: IE, NN and background-position: thpppt!

David Perrell wrote (1:40 AM -0800 3/10/98):

" You don't need to change your declaration at all to maintain that
" cleverly-gotten effect. A repeating background image will still extend
" into the padding, wherever the initial position.

Suppose the repeating background image is 72 pixels square, showing a piece
of your favorite fruit. And suppose you've got 36 pixels of padding on your
element. If the point of origin for the tile is not the outer padding
boundary, then the fruit in the padding area will be chopped in half, any
way you slice it. Unless you were to set the initial position to -36px,
which is a bit ugly as it merely inverts another figure in the rule. So I
still think the current implementation is more useful than the spec, and
suggest that the CSS2 spec be amended, with perhaps an explanatory note
being attached to the CSS1 spec if that's not too dicey.

Todd Fahrner

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