Put me in the "against" group for the near future.  It is unlikely that this
is totally trivial to implement, and as neat as I may think it is, more
power in the selector syntax is not near the top of the list of requests
I've heard.

I agree very strongly with Braden's comments on minimum profiles, except I
personally think CSS2 is WAY beyond the minimum profile.  CSS1 is probably a
much better target, plus CSS Positioning.  CSS2 is huge, from an
implementation standpoint, and has many complex features.

-Chris Wilson

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>So far, we've only had one implementor speak up on this, and he's made your
>"strongly against" list. This is significant, though I'd certainly like a
>larger sampling of the implementor crowd.
>CSS desperately needs to stabilize right now. At the moment, there is not
>even a clear cut "minimum profile" supported across popular browsers that
>Web authors can use. I thought the notion of CSS2 being primarily tailored
>to clarifying CSS1 was a Good Thing. Now, stop fiddling with it. Web
>desperately need that minimum profile. CSS2--or a clearly-defined subset
>thereof--stands a good chance of being adequate to serve that purpose.
>Please don't blow this. If CSS2 misses the boat here, CSS could very well
>continue to lack credibility as a robust platform for some time to come.

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