Re: Various Niggling CSS1 Questions

Eric A. Meyer writes:

 > >Neither NN4 nor MSIE4 render H1 elements in 12pt serif on my screen.
 >    Macintosh or Win95?  

Win95. I believe hte behavior you describe in the Mac version is a
leftover from IE3 which hasn't been updated yet.

 > Either way, based on your other comments,
 > I take it that it's legal to override the text size.  It isn't polite,
 > necessarily, but it is legal.

Wait, I'd say that it's *polite* for the UA to override the text size.
I.e., authors should *expect* a rule like this one to be in the
browser default stuyle sheet:

   H1 { font-size: x-large }


   H1 { font-size: 200% }

so that each and every author style sheet doesn't have to declare

 > > > 1. Why are the anchor pseudo-classes limited only to HREF anchors?  I'd
 > > > kind of like to be able to apply styles to NAME anchors...
 > >
 > >Right, it would be convenient in a few cases but it would complicate
 > >the specification without adding a critical feature. AFAIK, You're the
 > >first person who's asked for this.
 >    Hey, I'm a trailblazer!  Of course, that likely means that nobody else
 > saw a reason to wander in this direction.

:) You can achieve the same effect by setting style on the A element
as well as the anchor pseudo-classes:

  A { color: red }
  A:link, A:visited, A:active { color: blue }

Your name anchors will now be red..

 >    No, I want HRs to display but not take on any coloring; that is, display
 > the usual dark-and-light-gray engraved effect that most current browsers
 > use for HRs.  In the above example, all HRs would be flat blue lines, with
 > no obvious engraving effects.  (Again, this is true in the browsers I've
 > tested.)  Otherwise, if I want a blue forground but browser-default HRs, I
 > have to declare something like:
 >    H1, H2, H3, H4, H5, H6, P, UL, PRE, BLOCKQUOTE, TABLE {blue;}
 > This is a lot less convenient than the hypothetical style sheet in my
 > previous post, which had two simple rules.

Right, you want HR colors to be based on values coming from the window
system. Color names like "system" and "window" have been proposed for
the next round, I think this is a reasonable way to address the issue.



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