Design input on Macromedia authoring tool

Macromedia is soliciting public input about a "dream HTML authoring
tool" (and offering the chance to win a digital camera as recompense).
Interested parties who would like to see support for CSS Positioning,
which seems to be a possibility, should check out

Tell Us Your Web Tool Dream...
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   Question #1*
   Would you like a graphical way to position
   elements precisely on the web page without table
   hacks using CSS-P or the Netscape Layer tag?
   Sure  Not Really

   Question #2*
   How about a graphical way to specify and apply
   cascading style characterics to your entire site?
   Of Course  Who Cares

   Question #3*
   Would you like a drag and drop frame creation tool
   that actually works and supports all that frames
   have to offer?
   Yep  Nope

   Question #4*
   Will your dream web tool have a user interface that
   is extensible by mere mortals -- allowing you to
   insert arbitrary chunks of HTML with design time
   It Will  It Won't

   Rant and Rave
   Rant and Rave your dream about getting precise

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