New HTML/CSS-based word processor for Windows 95 and NT. LOOKING FOR BETA TESTERS

Dear CSS-list,


We at Xanthus like really crazy challenges. So we decided to implement yet
another word processor to compete with MSWord. Why? Because we believe in standards,
and we have a dream that there should be one open standardized
universal file format for office products in general and word processors in

One and a half years ago when we initiated our current project we decided to
support HTML and CSS. We have since implemented our Intranet Vodka Text Engine,
a cross platform (C++) text engine based on HTML and CSS as the native file

The first product to be based on the VODKA engine is the
Intranet Writer word processor for Windows 95 and NT.
Intranet Writer is now ready for an early beta test and we are
looking for beta testers. If you are interested, please download a copy
from and let us know what you think.

Intranet Writer is both a WYSIWYG word processor, an HTML page
authoring tool and a Web browser. It supports forms, tables and Netscape
The Windows NT version can also run Java applets.

We have been closely tracking the CSS list from the beginning but we haven't
had time to
participate in the discussions. To be able to fully implement a word
processor we have
been forced to extend CSS to some extent: our implementation of CSS adds:
- page layout (front page, left page, right page, columns etc)
- headers/footers
- tab stops
- variables (time, date, page number etc)
- some small extensions to existing CSS properties:
 (for example, we have added the property
 text-decoration-underline: off | normal | double | dashed | by-word.)
- table related CSS properties ( cell-border, cell-padding, content-align )

Now when we finally go public with our extensions, we will be more than
happy to discuss them with interested people.


Bjorn Backlund
Xanthus International AB
Stockholm, Sweden

David Peter
Vice President,
Xanthus USA
San Diego, CA

Received on Wednesday, 17 September 1997 09:31:22 UTC