CSS , forms, and positioning??

I am using Netscape Communicator 4.03. I have been able to position
text objects using CSS (position=absolute). I am trying to use CSS (and
<span>) with forms 
and form objects (<;input type=button) etc. Using absolute causes all
objects after it to 
not be shown.
If I use 'relative' then that particular object is not shown. I have
tried not using the position attribute, and played around with padding.
The padding-left seems to be relative to 0, but the padding-top seems to
be relative to the last object. I have also noticed strange behavior if I
put <span>
around the <form> </form> (is the allowed).  My question is basically how
do I
position objects inside of a form at specific locations relative to the
beginning of a form.

Thanx in advance
	Stu - email - SOSO@worldnet.att.net

Received on Wednesday, 17 September 1997 09:24:47 UTC