Macromedia Dreamweaver supports CSS1, CSS-Positioning

Quote from their publicity:

   "  Get the productivity of a visual Web page layout
      tool, the control of an HTML text editor, and
      support for Dynamic HTML all in one
      professional package with Macromedia
      Dreamweaver! Features include error-free
      roundtrips between graphical editing mode and
      your favorite source editor, absolute positioning,
      cascading style sheets, a DHTML animation
      timeline, an extensible JavaScript behavior
      library, visual table and frame design and a
      repeating element library. [Read More!].    "

Versions for MacOS and Win32 platforms are available in public beta.
This is the first drag and drop GUI interface to CSS Positioning
that I have seen so far. Making a positioned element is one click.
Check it out. I have no financial relationship with the company -
I just like that they support CSS.

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