Re: CSS1 and tables

Chris Wilson wrote:

>...The choice we had was between
>allowing inheritance of ANY rendering properties into tables (and
>therefore, breaking the model we've had since the introduction of
>tables, and breaking compatibility with millions of pages), and setting
>up a set of internal rules that reset those rendering properties on
>table cells.

Internal rules resetting properties? I can see why you'd be in a quandary
over how to fit a table into a default stylesheet. There are no
corresponding CSS1 properties for some of the HTML attributes. But a table
inherits most of the font and text properties of its parent, doesn't it? Why
would you need to override any inheritable properties except text-align and
font-weight on TH and text-align on TD?

David Perrell

Received on Monday, 6 October 1997 16:09:44 UTC