Macromedia Dreamweaver supports CSS1, CSS-Positioning

BTW, I'm the guy who implemented the CSS support (the parser,
the renderer, and the editing UI) for this product, so please
feel free to send your thoughts in my direction. Since this is
a first-generation product which is still in beta, we haven't
had time to do all of the CSS properties, but I'd appreciate
any input you guys may have about what we do right and what we
do wrong.


Dreamweaver Style Guy

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>From: Chris Lilley <>
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>Subject: Macromedia Dreamweaver supports CSS1, CSS-Positioning
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>Quote from their publicity:
>   "  Get the productivity of a visual Web page layout
>      tool, the control of an HTML text editor, and
>      support for Dynamic HTML all in one
>      professional package with Macromedia
>      Dreamweaver! Features include error-free
>      roundtrips between graphical editing mode and
>      your favorite source editor, absolute positioning,
>      cascading style sheets, a DHTML animation
>      timeline, an extensible JavaScript behavior
>      library, visual table and frame design and a
>      repeating element library. [Read More!].    "
>Versions for MacOS and Win32 platforms are available in public beta.
>This is the first drag and drop GUI interface to CSS Positioning
>that I have seen so far. Making a positioned element is one click.
>Check it out. I have no financial relationship with the company -
>I just like that they support CSS.
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