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At 01:58 PM 05/10/97 -0700, Chris Wilson (PSD) wrote:
>Hmm.  Well, I suppose I am somewhat personally to blame for
>inconsistencies between IE 3.0 and IE 4.0 with respect to CSS support; I
>apologize for the inconveniences it causes the designer community
>(believe me, I DO hear about it).  However, in my defense, I'll offer
>the justifications for the most major of these inconsistencies-

First off, thanks for your feedback, Chris.  It really means a lot to hear 
from the developers on issues like these.

>The choice we had was between
>allowing inheritance of ANY rendering properties into tables (and
>therefore, breaking the model we've had since the introduction of
>tables, and breaking compatibility with millions of pages), and setting
>up a set of internal rules that reset those rendering properties on
>table cells.  Sorry for the inconvenience, but I had to vote for the

In this case, the issue isn't one of inheritance, since the problem is 
with respect to margin-left, which is not inherited.  Rather, the bug 
seems to be caused by IE3 and IE4 allowing a table to be contained within 
a paragraph.  IINM, this is a long-standing issue with IE, since it would 
always (and still does) render

<P ALIGN=center><TABLE>...</TABLE>

with the table incorrectly centred.

I have to admit that your statement does not make a lot of sense to me, 
though it gives a hint of credibility to Netscape's statement that 
"Following their original web design, tables do not inherit styles from 
the surrounding text or style sheet."  Perhaps you can explain to us what 
Netscape means by "their original web design", since you allude to 
breaking compatibility with pages if inheritance into tables is allowed.  
Can you explain how this would break pages?

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