Re: !important ( was Re: Issue 1: Font-weight and headings)

Chris Lilley wrote:
> What do people think about allowing !important in an author
stylesheet. I
> haven't seen it used except in test cases (but that could be because
> lack of support in the implementations).

Seems to me the cleanest use of !important would be to reverse the
cascade for an element so declared. The reader's !important would have
highest priority.

This definition could also be useful in a corporate environment, where
a global stylesheet could have !important elements that couldn't be
overridden by authors.
> For example, one suggestion (made on accessibility grounds) is to not
> !important in author stylesheets. Or, to have a !essential or
> which was only allowed in reader stylesheets.

No need for not allow. !important would simply be useless for an
author. Reader rule weight infinitised by !important provides the
firmest ground for accessibility. 

As for !essential or somesuch if-then-else-whatever, puh-leeze no. The
implementers are having a hard enough time already.

David Perrell

Received on Monday, 28 July 1997 11:57:55 UTC