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> For example, one suggestion (made on accessibility grounds) is to not allow
> !important in author stylesheets. Or, to have a !essential or somesuch
> which was only allowed in reader stylesheets..

I think that !important is a very good name for what it does.  
However what would be nice to see is something like an !absolute 
notation.  Such that something !absolute CANNOT be overriden.
Author's are free to to specify this as well, except that when the 
user has their colors marked as !absolute there is nothing the author 
can do about it.


User's Sheet:

HTML { background: blue !absolute;
   color: yellow !absolute }

This would effectively meant hat regardless of what the author has 
done in their stylesheet the user will always be able to browse with 
yellow on blue text.

Additionally this offers special advantages for author's as well, 

TT { background: black !absolute;
   color: white !absolute;
   font-family: "Courier New", monospace;
  font-size: 12pt }

This way any <TT>...</TT> section can be rendered a specific way 
without worrying about changes within the section.  This would be 
usefulfor "debugging" web pages or including sections of other pages, 
and can be used to limit the number of contextual selectors needed in 
certain sheets.
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