Re: Style sheet misuse advice

On Tue, 28 Jan 1997 22:23:25 +0100 (MET), Chris Lilley
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>Um. Let us consider the rather common stylesheet:
>body { background: #fff }
>combined with the less common (but default on some platforms, such
>as HP-UX) general color scheme for all windows of dark (blue, green, etc)
>background and pale (white, cream) text. Similarly, of the 18 pre-defined
>color schemes available on SGI workstations using the Indigo Magic desktop,
>ten have pale writing on dark backgrounds.
>Result - white on white.

Raising one other interesting yet off topic point.  Why haven't browser
manufacturers implemented a little "warning system" if you will, which
warns a user that text or link colors are set to the same color as a
background.  Then they would at least be aware of the fact that they are
looking at a page that might have hidden text...

John Pozadzides
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