Re: Style sheet misuse advice

On Tue, 28 Jan 1997, Chris Lilley wrote:

> > It is also
> > a very good idea to consider users who have disabled the display of
> > background images.
> Which is why CSS allows both a color and an image as the background:
> body { background: #123456 url(foo) }
> The color is seen when the image is not available, or if there are
> transparent portions in the image, or if the image is not tiled in both
> directions.

And also, presumably, to set the second colour for antialiasing, in
whichever browser/operating system combinations that support it. I know
this is supported for the similar attributes on the BODY tag already, and
is quite an important note (it makes small blue text on black readable,
for a start ...). It this actually noted anywhere in the style documents?


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