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On Jan 29, 12:45am, James Aylett wrote:

> On Tue, 28 Jan 1997, Chris Lilley wrote:

> > Which is why CSS allows both a color and an image as the background:

> And also, presumably, to set the second colour for antialiasing, in
> whichever browser/operating system combinations that support it.

If that OS requires a single background color for antialiasing, yes.

Gererally, the text should be antialiased onto the background - whether
that is solid color or image.

> I know
> this is supported for the similar attributes on the BODY tag already, and
> is quite an important note (it makes small blue text on black readable,
> for a start ...).

Yes, I agree that antialiased text makes a big difference to legibility.
It used to be one of the legibility wins of 'pictures of text' over actual
text. But now the antialiasing feature for Win95, which used to be only
available in the Plus! pack, is available for free download on the Web;
there is a similar SmoothType extension for the Mac; RiscOS has always had
antialiased type. Unix/X does not, that I am aware of.

> It this actually noted anywhere in the style documents?

Not explicitly in the spec, because it is an implementation detail. It
should be mentioned in any implementors guidelines, however.

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