Inconsistency with shorthand properties in CSS1

Normally shorthand properties such as background can be
expressed equivalently using multiple individual properties.
For example

A {background: red fixed repeat-x}

is equivalent to

A {background-color: red;
   background-attachment: fixed;
   background-repeat: repeat-x}

This is not true however for some of the border properties. For example

LI {border-right: thin double blue}

cannot be expressed using individual properties because there are no
border-right-style or border-right-color properties (while there is
a border-right-width).

Is this difference in model intentional?  Is it going to stay this way?



P.S.  The fact that the border-style values could be repeated up to 4   
times was
omitted from the syntax portion of the doc, but was in the description   

Received on Wednesday, 29 January 1997 11:01:14 UTC