Rules WG -- draft charter

As Dan Brickley mentioned, we've been working on a Rules charter, too.
Here it is:
       (currently at revision 1.24)

It's still rough in places, but I think it gets the point across.
Wording suggestions are welcome, as are questions about what is meant
by some section or phrase.

What Dan Brickley said applies here, too:

       Did I mention yet that it is an *early* *draft*? For
       **discussion**? Nothing is set in stone. Specifically, we
       haven't proposed anything yet to W3C's Advisory Committee, and
       they've not approved anything. 

       [The draft] will quite possibly change over the coming weeks,
       so please be sure to cite the $Revision number from the
       'Status' section.

I'll try to follow any discussion between now and the 20th, and update
the document as necessary.

     -- sandro

Received on Friday, 7 November 2003 17:36:03 UTC