Murray Altheim <> writes:

> Jonathan Borden wrote:

> > What is wrong with the approach of including <rdf:RDF> elements
> > within XHTML defined by an XML Schema module for RDF?

> I hope I answered this in more detail in a message I just sent
> off. There's no definition in XML that allows for well-formed
> content *within* valid content. Either the entire document is valid
> or its not. DTDs cannot deal with only part of the content being
> checked. I'm not even sure if XML Schema can do this.

XML Schema can't, Eric van der Vlist spent a long time trying each of
DTDs, XML Schema, RELAX, and Schematron, and later TREX for validating
some of the "looser" but commonly expected modular extensions to RSS.
*Just* RSS, which has constraints even further than RDF alone.

That may be exactly the problem with extent XML specs, there is no
spec that allows for well-formed (or seperately validated) content
within valid content.

I think this problem would be easily solved once the realization is
made that that is *exactly* what we are asking for in several
applications of XML.

  -- Ken

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