Ken MacLeod wrote:
> > Jonathan Borden wrote:
> > > What is wrong with the approach of including <rdf:RDF> elements
> > > within XHTML defined by an XML Schema module for RDF?
> XML Schema can't, Eric van der Vlist spent a long time trying each of
> DTDs, XML Schema, RELAX, and Schematron, and later TREX for validating
> some of the "looser" but commonly expected modular extensions to RSS.
> *Just* RSS, which has constraints even further than RDF alone.

I don't buy this. Are you saying that RDF has constraints not expressable by
Schematron (for example)? Did Eric formally prove that XML Schema, RELAX and
TREX are incapable of handling RDF or was it simply that he was unable to
find a method of doing so?


Received on Thursday, 19 April 2001 17:56:21 UTC