From Danny:-

> DC can already be put in (X)HTML as meta tags, [...]

Qualifying Dublin Core in HTML using the <meta/> tags has two
disadvantages (apart from being a very nasty hack [1]):-

a) It only allows you to talk about the entire document as a whole;
there is no way to get an "rdf:about" attribute in there.
b) You can't use the XHTML datatypes, which you should be.

What we are talking about with enabling Dublin Core in XHTML (and
possibly some other voabularies such as FOAF and maybe RDFS) is that
one can easily have a validatable piece of XHTML that includes well
known tagsets in XML RDF. RDF parsers can then easily be built to

[1] i.e. putting DC. before/after element names to make it a unique
identifier??? Maybe if there were some way of making that into a QName
it would be acceptable, but there isn't, so it's a hack.

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Received on Monday, 16 April 2001 08:28:53 UTC