german translations, RDF/XML Syntax Specification (Revised)


someone probably noticed this already:

WD:      RDF/XML Syntax Specification (Revised)
section: 2.7 Languages: xml:lang

example 8:

<dc:title>Das Baum</dc:title>
   should be <dc:title>Der Baum</dc:title>

the "buchen" from ""
   Don't know if the path is meant to mean something,
   the german word for "books" would be "bücher".
   or ,without umlauts, "buecher".

   the translation of the german verb "buchen" is 
   "to book", but "Buchen" is also plural of the
   tree "Buche" => "beech trees".

but the "außergewöhnlich" is perfect. :-)

helpful? (otherwise: sorry for nit-picking.)


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Received on Sunday, 30 November 2003 16:25:57 UTC