RE: Conformance model of RDF specs?

Hi Brian,

I'm a little confused -

> I suspect that you are writing a document from the point of view that
> you are specifying the behaviour of software.  The RDF specs are written
> more from the point of view that they define the syntax and meaning of
> RDF documents.  This would explain why you might not find some of the
> things you expect.

I realise that 'RDF Test Cases' [1] deals with the edge cases ("...a set of
machine-processable test cases corresponding to technical issues addressed
by the Working Group..."), but isn't there an implied notion of compliance:
<something> passes these tests? Isn't this specifying the behaviour of
software? Putting it another way, say the rest of the grammar was framed in
similar tests, would would this supply a conformance model, and if so, for



Received on Sunday, 30 November 2003 06:04:12 UTC