Re: Missing test:entailmentRules arcs

Sandro, thank-you for your comments, and for taking the time to run the
test cases.

On Thu, 6 Nov 2003, Sandro Hawke wrote:

> The following entailment tests are not really defined (and dont work
> in my test harness), since they have no entailmentRules data:

The intention is that in the absence of other entailmentRules, simple
entailment is used. I note that that condition is missing from the test
case document through editorial oversight; my proposed fix is to add the

In the case that no test:entailmentRules elements are present, the rules
of simple entailment as specified in [RDF-SEMANTICS] are used.


Again, these tests demonstrate the distinction between language-tagged
and non-language-tagged plain literals, and should be viewed as simple

With the addition of the above editoral fix to the test case document,
would your concerns here be addressed?

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