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RE: rdf:nodeID and external entities?

From: Joshua Allen <joshuaa@microsoft.com>
Date: Sun, 15 Dec 2002 00:17:10 -0800
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> >Isn't BaseUri a way of scoping something by file?
> I may be misunderstanding the term.  Does xml:base change the BaseUri?

Yes, xml:base is used to assign a BaseUri to a document or portion of a
document.  BaseUri by default will be assigned to the document or
included fragment based on the file location -- I see xml:base as a
convenient lexical hint that can be used to ensure that BaseUri is not
lost when serializing or transferring an infoset which includes XML from
multiple sources.

> a node in a graph.  The question I think you are addressing is whether
> can be sure its the same node in the same graph across two different
> parsings of the same file, and I agree with you in general, one

Yes, you said it much better than me.  That is exactly what the rest of
my e-mail was struggling to say.  

Since one should not assume that two anonymous nodes are the "same" node
(when parsing), I feel that it is of minor consequence whether someone
thinks of the nodeID value (used to locally identify an anonymous node
during parsing) as URI or as an integer constant.

Hopefully I will not muddle things again by using an example -- suppose
that the RDF spec required nodeID to be URIs of the form:


It wouldn't really change anything.  The spec would have to anyway
explain that the values used in nodeID property are not global or
universal in scope.

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