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XML literals in RDF/XML Syntax Specification (8 Nov 2002)

From: Arjohn Kampman <arjohn.kampman@castel.nl>
Date: Mon, 18 Nov 2002 15:28:46 +0100
Message-ID: <3DD8F91E.30700@castel.nl>
To: www-rdf-comments@w3.org

Some (editorial) comments on the RDF/XML Syntax Specification
of 8 Nov 2002 concerning XML literals:

In section 6.3 Grammar Notation:

A distinction is made between "Plain Literal Events" and "XML
Literal Events". Neither of them mentions datatypes. Shouldn't
these be merged to one "Literal Event" having a datatype?

In section 7.2.17 Production parseTypeLiteralPropertyElt:

The event generated here is:

    xml(literal-value := l.string-value,
        literal-language := e.language)

My guess is that this should be:

    literal(literal-value := l.string-value,
            literal-language := e.language,
            literal-datatype :=

Also, until recently, a parser for the RDF/XML format only used
names from the RDF namespace. With the introduction of XMLLiteral
this has changed. This is the first name from the RDF Schema
namespace that a parser needs to know about. I don't think this is
a real problem, it's just an observation that I thought was worth


Arjohn Kampman

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