Re: feedback on rdfcore syntax changes: pls allow unqualified about=, etc

At 16:28 22/10/2002 -0400, Dan Brickley wrote:


>According to M+S '99 REC (which has about='' examples)

is that only elements in the rdf namespace?  Ah no. there is an example in 
another namespace.

>this is OK.
>According to RDF Core, it isn't. The new RDF syntax spec doesn't make
>clear why such documents are no longer considered RDF, only that they are
>not. Perhaps there is a case based on parser complexity, efficiency etc.,
>but I've not yet seen it made strongly enough to justify the backwards
>compatibility hit.

As I recall, a concern was about defining names not in the rdf namespace, e.g.

   <foo:bar about="...">

We talked about deprecation but were advised against by DanC.  In practise 
parsers will be tolerant of this input unless they are set to strict mode 
and that seemed like a reasonable migration strategy.  We could add a note 
to they syntax doc suggesting that parser writers be aware.

On the other hand, I personally agree that is a change to M&S and perhaps 
we can find some other way to deal with it.


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