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Re: Monotony

From: Frank Manola <fmanola@mitre.org>
Date: Thu, 10 Oct 2002 12:49:45 -0400
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To: seth@robustai.net
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Seth Russell wrote:
> Frank Manola wrote:
> >I expect monotony will always be preserved anywhere there are people.
> >Monotonicity, however, is another question.
> >
> >--Frank
> >
> Case in point!  Would that I could go back in time and correct my
> misspell .... but I can't .   Anyway, I prefer my stemming , it's
> logical ... well er I mean ... monotonic binary logic that gets itself
> in a rut is monotonous, is it not?   Me wonders if these concepts are in
> fact related .... are they?

Well, they certainly can be related unintentionally!  For example, the
current discussion about RDF datatypes involves issues of monotonicity,
and also seems to strike some folks as being monotonous (since they
claim they keep hearing the same arguments over and over).  More to your
original point, it seems to me what you want is the ability to control
or specify when you have monotonicity and when you don't.  Kind of like
a database transaction mechanism.


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