MathML application developers

At the Joint Mathematics Meeting
(, I will be giving a talk as
part of the "Math on the Web" Pavilion.  My talk is an update of a talk
("Applications that use MathML") I tried to give last year but couldn't
because I was snowed/iced in (the Portland airport was closed for three
days):  .

The main point of the talk is to give a sense of what the large number of
applications that make use of MathML can do.  If time permits, I'll also
demo some interoperability between MathML apps.   If you have developed
software that uses MathML (editor, import, export, other?) or made
significant improvements to your software in the last year, please send me a
URL to your web site and a one or two sentence summary of your work.

Although the talk is short and I won't be able to show off much software, I
will be giving out listings of software and have links to them in my talk so
it is a chance to get the word out on your work.

Neil Soiffer                     email:
Senior Scientist                 phone: 562-433-0685
Design Science, Inc.   
"How Science Communicates"
MathType, WebEQ, MathPlayer, Equation Editor, TeXaide

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