Re: MathML application developers

Neil --

>  . . .                                            If you have developed
> software that uses MathML (editor, import, export, other?) or made
> significant improvements to your software in the last year, please send me a
> URL to your web site and a one or two sentence summary of your work.
> Although the talk is short and I won't be able to show off much software, I
> will be giving out listings of software and have links to them in my talk so
> it is a chance to get the word out on your work.


Generalized Extensible LaTeX-Like MarkUp (GELLMU)

Use generalized LaTeX to write articles for an XML document type having
output streams to DVI (via regular latex), PDF (via pdflatex), and the
modern form of HTML that incorporates MathML.



                                    -- Bill

Received on Friday, 17 December 2004 21:02:53 UTC