RE: Updated Working Draft: Best Practices for Authoring HTML: Handling Right-to-left Scripts

This the continuation of my comments, based on the latest version as 
figuring in Richard's note from July 24.

10 bis) In section 3.2, "(x and E)" => "(x and F)"

13 bis) In section 5, Best Practice 3, Discussion: "browser chrome" is not 
widely understood term, especially for Internet Explorer users.

I suggest "browser appearance" or "browser user interface".

22 bis) In the sentence after the note following Example 13, "you are 
probably more likely to encounter" => "you are more likely to encounter"
"Probably" and "likely" express the same idea and are semantically 

27) In the note within the "How to" of Best Practice 11, "RML" => "RLM"

28) In the sentence after the note above, starting with "On the other 
hand", "ie." => "e.g." ?
If "ie." is used, the following list must be complete. If there are other 
cases which are not mentioned, "e.g." (== for example) should be used.

29) In Example 20, 
"<p>The title is <span dir="rtl" lang="he">... W3C </span> in Hebrew.</p>"
=> ("says" instead of "is")
"<p>The title says <span dir="rtl" lang="he">... W3C </span> in 


30) In paragraph "Using control characters" following Example 23, the code 
points for RLO and LRO are swapped.

31) In the note for "Setting up a right-to-left page", IE v6-8, we find: "
In Internet Explorer, applying a right-to-left direction in the html or 
body tag will affect the user interface, too. If the page has a scroll 
bar, it will appear on the left side of the window. JavaScript alert boxes 
will be mirror imaged."
As far as I remember, this is true for dir applied to the HTML tag, not 
for the BODY tag, at least up to IE v7.  Please check.
If I am right, then "they may prefer to not declare the document 
directionality on the html or body tag" => "they may prefer to not declare 
the document directionality on the html tag."
If I am correct, there is no need for a div element immediately inside the 
BODY tag, it is enough to specify dir on the BODY tag.
I have no experience with IE v8.  If the results are different for IE v8, 
then I suggest to add that the proposed solution (div within Body) is more 
than needed for IE versions until v7 but provides a unified solution for 
all IE versions including v8.

23) The links for "Check for browser-specific note" and "Get more 
information" uniformly point to the same locations, whatever the content 
of the source paragraph.  Either add relevant content in the notes and the 
info, or remove the links.

This is my final (at least I expect so) contribution to the review of this 

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