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International standards for various forms of profile data

From: <David_Possin@i2.com>
Date: Thu, 30 Aug 2001 12:47:05 -0500
To: www-international@w3.org
Message-ID: <OFA900C643.CDCBB49E-ON86256AB8.0059299D@i2.com>
Hello everybody,

I am currently working the i18n/l10n requirements for creating and 
maintaining company and person profile data for our ecommerce framework. 
Due to the large diversity of our customers we want to offer standard base 
data for international support in all supported languages. This was 
originally done by our customer in their respective local offices, but the 
magnitude is getting overwhelming and our support staff cannot keep up 
with their requests.

I am looking for resources for specific profile data information in as 
many languages/locales/cultures/regions as possible, preferably backed up 
by national standards organizations. Here are the major areas I have 
started to research:

Common Honorifics, Salutations, Titles; their placement rules and correct 
usage (regular expressions)
Gender and Marriage Status specifications (some countries do not allow 
divorces, but may allow the term separated or legally separated)
Surnames and Additions (like Henry III or the Third)
Usage of Maiden Names and other genealogical information (I remember 
Spanish heritage listing as a nightmare: uuuu y vvvv y wwww y xxxxx and so 
Religions and Sub-Groups (like Protestant, Lutheran or Reformed)
Legal business identifications (like in Germany: AG, KG, GmbH, GmbH & Co. 
KG, etc.)

There are probably dozens more parts of information that should be used to 
be complete, there are probably additional fields that don't even apply to 
a Western culture. I would appreciate getting as much info as I can, I 
will compile a list and send it out to the group once it looks like I have 
all. I am especially interested in native standards in the respective 

Thanking all in advance,

David Possin
International QA Engineer (i18n & l10n)
i2 Technologies - Austin
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