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RE: International standards for various forms of profile data

From: Merle Tenney <Merle.Tenney@corp.palm.com>
Date: Thu, 30 Aug 2001 15:24:35 -0700
Message-ID: <018564297D520A488BD6331EA4229282042BE036@ussccm002.corp.palm.com>
To: "'David_Possin@i2.com'" <David_Possin@i2.com>
Cc: cbrown@xnetinc.com, www-international@w3.org
David asks:

Merle, now tell me why a waitress at the Octoberfest, who has been married
for 40 years and can serve at least 15 full one-liter glasses at once, is
still addressed as "Fräulein"? She is definitely 200% female and not a
neuter .... but she might neuter you 

I think there must be a lifestyles mailing list that could answer this.
Alas, I cannot tell you what it is.  ;-)
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