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[QA Review] CharMod for the Web 1.0: Normalization WD 25 February 2004 Karl Dubost (Wednesday, 31 March)

[QA Review] CharMod for the Web 1.0: Fundamentals WD 25 Feb 2004 Karl Dubost (Tuesday, 30 March)

Please remove IRIs Chris Lilley (Monday, 29 March)

C004 ambiguous Chris Lilley (Monday, 29 March)

Pi fonts and PUA Chris Lilley (Monday, 29 March)

IRI Reference should be normative Philippe Le Hégaret (Friday, 26 March)

Re: New Tutorial: Character sets & encodings in XHTML, HTML and CSS Matitiahu Allouche (Thursday, 25 March)

Support for DanC's comment re conformance Dominique Hazaël-Massieux (Friday, 19 March)

IRI section needs too much testing to go in Fundamentals Dan Connolly (Thursday, 18 March)

appropriate mechanism exists... says who? Dan Connolly (Thursday, 18 March)

define 'character' once and for all Dan Connolly (Thursday, 18 March)

conformance to "software MUST NOT assume" measurable? Dan Connolly (Thursday, 18 March)

URIs in citations Susan Lesch (Friday, 12 March)

Typos Susan Lesch (Friday, 12 March)

Typo Susan Lesch (Friday, 12 March)

Minor editorial Susan Lesch (Friday, 12 March)

XML Spec XSLT Susan Lesch (Friday, 12 March)

Background color of images Susan Lesch (Friday, 12 March)

Review of WD-charmod-20040225 Tim Bray (Friday, 5 March)

describing 'logical' order fantasai (Thursday, 4 March)

poor example of multi-letter phonemes fantasai (Thursday, 4 March)

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