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Once upon a time Dave Carter shaped the electrons to say...
>Well why the **** are <center> and <font> in 3.2 then?????? Either 3.2 is
>just stuff which is solid, or it isn't. At the moment, 3.2 includes
>experimental stuff which is poorly thought out, and it excludes

<center> is *not* experimental, not is <font>  What they documented in 3.2
have been tested in the field for months and behavior was documented.
The very fact that they *are* in 3.2 means they are not experimental.
<center> is basically an alias for <div align=center> now, and it is there
to allow for the huge number of legacy documents that used it since there
was no other way to center for such a long time.

<font> allows size and color control, both simple and documented.

>developments. And in what way is <object> better than <fig>?? Is it just
>that it can be used to include all that java ****? Or is it really more

It does more - one tag can do a lot.  Even ignoring java, the way it can
handle client side image maps and allow for nice and clean text backups.
It is not a block level tag like FIG was (at least for part of its life,
I believe all) so it can be used withing other tags.  <OBJECT> allows for
the basically arbitrary inclusion of MIME types - theoretically it could
be used to include one document in another one.  Client side includes!
Slash your server load.

Check out the <OBJECT> working draft.  It slices, it dices - and it is
much more extensible for growth.

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