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On Fri, 10 May 1996, MegaZone wrote:

> <center> is *not* experimental, not is <font>  What they documented in 3.2
> have been tested in the field for months and behavior was documented.
> The very fact that they *are* in 3.2 means they are not experimental.
> <center> is basically an alias for <div align=center> now, and it is there
> to allow for the huge number of legacy documents that used it since there
> was no other way to center for such a long time.

Of course they are experimental, they are implemented in very few
browsers. My legacy documents have <math> in them, its the only way
to do maths. <center> was never the only way to  centre text, the
align=center attribute predates it. 

> <font> allows size and color control, both simple and documented.

No it doesn't, because such control is not possible. It pretends to, thats
what is so bad about it. Browsers control sizes and colours, not html.

Dave Carter

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