Re: <math>, <fig>, ... (fwd)

MegaZone wrote:
++ Once upon a time Dave Carter shaped the electrons to say...
++ >Well why the **** are <center> and <font> in 3.2 then?????? Either 3.2 is
++ >just stuff which is solid, or it isn't. At the moment, 3.2 includes
++ >experimental stuff which is poorly thought out, and it excludes
++ <center> is *not* experimental, not is <font>  What they documented in 3.2
++ have been tested in the field for months and behavior was documented.
++ The very fact that they *are* in 3.2 means they are not experimental.
++ <center> is basically an alias for <div align=center> now, and it is there
++ to allow for the huge number of legacy documents that used it since there
++ was no other way to center for such a long time.

That is not true. <center> was introduced by Netscape long after
the align attribute was proposed (and implemented by at least one
browser). Netscape also allowed for the align attribute either in the
same release that did <center> or in the next. They just didn't
give it as much attention as <center>.

Granted, to center tables and paragraphs inside forms, one had to
use <center>, but I consider that to be a bug in Netscape. But maybe
that a bug in a major browser is enough reason to put something
in a DTD?


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