HTML 3.2 Content Models

I have constructed hierarchical trees of the content models in the 
html 3.2 dtd.  if you are interested.

These are done by hand, so be gentle if you find errors.

A couple of notes:

PLAINTEXT appears to be an orphan - it is in the preformatted text 
section of the DTD, but it doesn't seem to be in the content models 

Can anyone tell me what is meant by the exclusion exception in:
<!ELEMENT (DIR|MENU) - -  (LI)* -(%block)>

The content models for forms seem strange to me.  There is nothing
to associate INPUT | SELECT | TEXTAREA with FORM.  Is this right?

I'm no expert and it's 3am, so pardon me if I'm being thick.

Maybe I could learn to live with this temporarily if the word
"recommended" was removed from the bit in the DTD that says  "HTML
3.2 aims to capture recommended practice as of early '96" ...

Dianne Gorman - Sydney, Australia

Received on Wednesday, 8 May 1996 13:49:34 UTC