Re: Color Palette Spec?

On Fri, 3 May 1996 wrote:
> Why should they be allowed to change the screen palette?  The display
> is a shared resource which should be controlled by the OS.

   Yes it is a shared resource, but that doesn't mean that none of the 
programs can use their own palette when they are running. If a program is 
"allowed" to change the screen palette that does not mean that all of the 
other programs running will be forced to use the new one. When you switch 
over to another program the OS will switch to the appropriate palette. So 
yes, the OS does have control of the palette, but it gives each program 
control over it's own palette and switches when it needs to. Different 
programs use different palettes all the time. This is nothing new. Most 
of the respondents to my message seem to think that this would be some 
strange violation of the way things are normally done. This IS the way 
things are normally done when you are limited to 256 colors at a time. 
256 colors does not mean a set palette of 256 colors that all programs 
must conform to.

   I agree, however, that this should be something which is set with 
style sheets. Hopefully we will be able to use stylesheets some day soon.

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