Re: Color Palette Spec?

From: Simon Greenberg <>
> Unfortunately I forgot where I downloaded this table....
> Color                R  G  B
> ==============================
> aliceblue            F0 F8 FF
> antiquewhite         FA EB D7
> aqua                 00 FF FF
   Thank you for the nice list, but that really has nothing to do with 
what I am proposing.

On Thu, 2 May 1996, Dave Carter wrote:
> Please, no, it is bad enough people trying to control what my browser
> window will look like without sending things which will cause the browser
> to alter the appearance of my whole screen!

   Whether you like it or not, Netscape, Internet Explorer, and most 
other programs which deal with graphics DO change the screen palette when 
you are running them. Netscape, for example, has its own palette which it 
uses when running on a system with 256 colors. Well what if that palette 
just doesn't make all of the graphics on a page look quite right. If the 
graphics on a page use a particular amount of colors, say about 150 
different colors, the designer should be able to tell the browser what 
those colors are, so that it can show the graphics the way they are 
supposed to be, rather than distorting them by dithering them with the 
basic palette they use which represents all of the spectrum but not any 
partucular part very well.

> I can guarentee that I will
> not use a browser which supports this feature.
   No one is forcing you. But pages will look a LOT better on browsers 
which will allow the page designer to tell them which colors they should 
use for the graphics for that particular page.

Michael Seaton( said:
> Are there any more-or-less standard palette file formats?

   Not that I know of. I know that I can save palettes from Photoshop in 
to a palette file. And the palette need not be an entire 256 colors, it 
can be just 10 or 100 or however many you need.

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