Re: Color Palette Spec?

>    Whether you like it or not, Netscape, Internet Explorer, and most
> other programs which deal with graphics DO change the screen palette when
> you are running them.

That's odd - I've never seen MSIE do this, and the only time Navigator
has done it is when I explicitly told it to. The first experiment with
that was enough; I've not done it since. In fact, Navigator usually
gets much less than it's expected palette when I run it, as I tend to
run browsers that do a decent job of page layout FIRST, so they get
first crack at the colors.

> different colors, the designer should be able to tell the browser what
> those colors are, so that it can show the graphics the way they are
> supposed to be, rather than distorting them by dithering them with the
> basic palette they use which represents all of the spectrum but not any
> partucular part very well.

Of course, this doesn't help if the viewing platform has a different
number of colors than the designer used, and does nothing to address
the problem of two colors not appearing the same unless the viewing
hardware is tuned the same, etc.

> > I can guarentee that I will
> > not use a browser which supports this feature.
>    No one is forcing you. But pages will look a LOT better on browsers
> which will allow the page designer to tell them which colors they should
> use for the graphics for that particular page.

Pages also look a lot better if the page designers design them for the
medium they are working in, and quit trying to make that medium
resemble the pre-industrial ones they are used to working with.


Received on Friday, 3 May 1996 15:36:15 UTC