Re: WebOTF Proposal: updated description and sample code

An experimental version of Firefox with WebOTF (and EOTL) support is  
now available for anyone who'd like to try it:

There are Mac, Windows and Linux versions.

The page at uses  
WebOTF-format fonts, and the .zip archive available there includes  
code for a WebOTF packaging tool.


On 7 Aug 2009, at 23:35, Jonathan Kew wrote:

> Today I have implemented WebOTF encoding and decoding functions,  
> along with simple command-line tools to create WebOTF fonts from  
> OpenType (sfnt) files, add metadata and private data, and to access  
> these elements from the .webotf file. The code is available for  
> anyone interested in experimenting; see 
> .
> That page also uses @font-face to link to WebOTF fonts, but of  
> course these will not work unless you use a WebOTF-enabled browser.  
> I have updated John's EOTL+ZOT patch for Gecko to support EOTL 
> +WebOTF, and builds of this new experimental version should be  
> available tomorrow. Meanwhile, the page has a link to a .zip archive  
> containing the WebOTF code, as well as the latest iteration of the  
> format description.

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